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Alana Harris Tweed and Deerskin Handbag

Alana Harris Tweed and Deerskin Handbag.

Alana Harris Tweed and Deerskin Handbag.

Price: 105.00 / $139.65

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An outstanding quality handbag made from hand woven Harris Tweed and wild Scottish deerskins.

These deerskins are from the only tannery in Scotland still processing skins from seasonally culled Highland deer. The tanning process itself takes more than 4 weeks and gives a leather which in unequalled in quality, feel and smell.

The leather is then passed to a small workshop team who combine it with finest Harris Tweed to make a bag which will be a treasured posession for many years.

This particular bag is fuschia with leather sides and bottom..

It is 36cm x 26cm x 16cm and has a zip top with an antique brass finish and is fully lined inside with 3 small leather pockets.

It can be used either as a handbag or carried over the shoulder by the strap which is soft enough for it to be worn for hours.

If you are looking for a quality bag for yourself or as a gift then this is one of the best and on a par with the best offerings from Milan and Paris.

For a real treat buy a pair of matching fuschia gloves or glasses case.

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